6th-8th Curriculum

Middle school is an exciting time for our students. In grades 6-8 EVA supports developing leadership and organizational skills. We encourage our students to seek out opportunities for independence. Lessons are offered in all core subjects and delivered in a highly collaborative and engaging format.

The Role Of The Learning Coach

Students are beginning to take more initiative in their learning. EVA Middle Schoolers are encouraged to communicate directly with their teachers when possible. Learning Coaches move into a more supportive role while allowing students to take charge of their education in preparation for high school. How can a learning coach best support their middle schooler?
  • Ensure that student is logging in daily, completing work, and attending live classes.
  • Help the student create a daily routine for working on school, checking emails, and managing long-term projects.
  • Be available to the student during school hours to assist with overall needs surrounding learning from home.
  • Review the grade book frequently to monitor student work completion and overall grades.
  • Help student advocate for additional assistance and support, as needed.
  • Provide the student with basic school supplies and a stable Internet connection. Communicate with the school regarding any tech issues.
  • Maintain good communication with the school by attending any necessary meetings and returning emails and phone calls from staff in a timely manner.

The middle school experience

  • Comprehensive curriculum that was designed specifically for Online Learning
  • Synchronous class sessions to enhance engagement
  • A teacher for each subject supporting students with their academic growth
  • Homeroom class to foster community and promote Social Emotional Learning skills
  • Dedicated help sessions and individual teacher availability to assist students with content and assignments
  • Advanced learner support
  • Optional electives for students wanting to expand their learning
  • Opportunities to participate in social events, National Junior Honor Society, and other enrichment activities
Middle School Language Arts focuses on exposure to a breadth of texts and media. Students are beginning to sharpen their skills of self-expression through writing and presenting, and explore a range of writing styles serving different purposes and audiences.
  • 6th Grade – Students study grammar, usage, and mechanics; and practice sentence analysis, sentence structure, and proper punctuation.
  • 7th Grade – Students work towards the development of comprehension and analysis of informational and fictional texts.
  • 8th Grade – 8th graders at EVA are reading short stories, poetry, drama, novels, and informational texts.
Each math course in middle school is structured to build upon prior concepts to strengthen comprehension in preparation for the following course.
  • 6th Grade – EVA 6th graders are learning the division of fractions, concepts of ratio and rate, whole number multiplication, and division. Students also make connections among area, volume, and surface area, and continue to lay the groundwork for deep algebraic understanding by interpreting and using expressions and equations.
  • 7th Grade – Students focus on real-world scenarios and mathematical problems involving algebraic expressions and linear equations. The course lays the foundation for exploring concepts of angle, similarity, and congruence. Students also develop and apply understandings of proportional relationships.
  • 8th Grade – 8th graders explore algebra as they solve linear equations and systems of equations, work with radical and integer exponents, gain a conceptual understanding of functions, and use functions to model quantitative relationships.
  • 6th Grade Earth Science – EVA connects our 6th graders to the beauty of geological history, the amazing landforms around the globe, the nature of the sea and air, and the newest discoveries about our universe.
  • 7th Grade Life Science – 7th Grade Life Science invites students to investigate the world of living things. Students explore an amazing variety of organisms, the complex workings of the cell, and the relationship between living things and their environments. Students tackle such topics as ecology, microorganisms, animals, plants, cells, animals, species, adaptation, heredity, genetics, and the history of life on Earth.
  • 8th Grade Physical Science – The Physical Science program introduces students to chemistry and physics. The course provides an overview of the physical world including matter, atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, motion, force, momentum, work and machines, energy, waves, electricity, light, and other aspects of chemistry and physics.
  • 6th Grade World History I – The course focus is the story of the human past and change over time, including the development of religion, philosophy, the arts, and science and technology.
  • 7th Grade World History II – This course focuses on the story of the past from the fourteenth century to 1917 and the beginning of World War I. It covers geography and topics such as the renaissance, the reformation, and the industrial revolution.
  • 8th Grade American History Before 1865 – This course takes students from the arrival of the first people in North America through the Civil War and Reconstruction. Lessons integrate topics in geography, civics, and economics.
The well-being of our students is the primary focus at EVA. Health and Physical Education helps our students make healthy choices and develop important lifestyle skills to thrive. Physical fitness is just one aspect. We also explore topics of nutrition, body positivity, confidence, and respect.

Our Art courses include:

  • American Art I
  • American Art II
  • World Art I
  • World Art II
  • Photography
  • Journalism

World Languages

In preparation for the wealth of experiences awaiting them, we believe all students at EVA should have the opportunity to explore other languages. We offer:
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Spanish