Testing & Assessments

Our Approach to Testing & Assessment

Assessments are not designed to find flaws, rather they are used to identify student strengths and potential areas of challenge. At Evergreen Virtual Academy, we ask our students to participate in two types of assessments: our in-house assessment, which is the NWEA, and the state testing called Oregon Smarter Balance Assessments.

All results are confidential, and no information on individual students is ever shared outside of our school.

Why is testing so important?

  • Taking tests is an important life skill
  • Tests can give information that can help guide instruction
  • Tests can show how children have improved over time
  • Improvement in test scores is critical in keeping EVA compliant and open for future enrollments

Required Testing

NWEA Assessments

Each part of the NWEA assessment takes only approximately 20 minutes to complete. We will have students take this assessment in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Oregon Smarter Balance

Your participation in the State Assessment is important for your school to stay compliant with the state and remain open to serve future families. EVA students in grades 3–8 and grade 11 will take the Oregon Smarter Balance (SBAC).

Opting-out of testing

Oregon Department of Education does allow for families to opt-out students from the English Language Arts and Math portions of the SBAC, but not the Science portion for grades 5,8 and 11.

We strive to partner with parents to help students be as successful as possible. However, we respect our students with testing anxiety and other personal beliefs that may require them not to test. We simply ask that parents encourage testing as best they can and reach out for support before opting out.

If your family chooses to Opt-out, please fill out and return these forms ANNUALLY to your testing coordinator.