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High School Forecasting for 2024/25

What is forecasting?  This is a time to review what courses you have taken.  You then choose what elective classes you would like to take and see which required courses…

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EVA Community Newsletters

EVA’s community newsletters are a great resource for currently enrolled families as well as for families looking to gain more information about how EVA connects as a school community.  …

Early Literacy Program

Check out EVA’s new Early Literacy Program We welcome our youngest students into our community of learners!  Click HERE for more details. Ready to begin?  Enroll NOW.

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School is different at EVA

Safe, nurturing environment

Common schoolyard distractions are minimized online, leaving students free to focus on learning.

Personal & student-focused

We're proactive about meeting student needs — whether it's a slower pace, more challenging content, or a flexible schedule.

Support beyond the classroom

Students receive one-on-one attention from teachers, a dedicated Learning Coach at home, and extra support when they need it.

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