Who We Are

Evergreen Virtual Academy (EVA) is a 100% tuition-free online public school
We focus on flexible, individualized learning, and a safe and engaging environment for students choosing not to attend traditional schools. Our primary goal is to partner with families to keep the love for learning alive in their homes. We believe learning can occur anywhere, and all students are capable of greatness. It is our job as educators to provide opportunities for our students to find their greatness. We know that no two students are alike. EVA is dedicated to meeting students where they are and guiding them towards fulfilling their true potential.
Our Vision

The EVA student will embrace opportunities and challenges that foster resilience, empowering them to meet or exceed their goals

Our Mission

We will provide a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment that values individual growth and achievement.

Our Core Values
Engagement – We captivate and grow each learner through a strong community of support

Validation – We honor the unique reasons students choose EVA and provide individual pathways to learning

Achievement – We believe relationships are the foundation for growth each student can learn at high levels

Greetings Current and Prospective Families,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the EVA school community. We hope you find this website a helpful resource as you start or continue your academic journey with us. Since our launch in 2008, we have valued the individual talents and needs of each student walking through our virtual doors. Our highly committed staff utilizes a variety of approaches and tools to help your student reach their academic potential. We value the family unit and believe that forming a strong partnership between home and school is the first step in the journey to success. Through early and consistent communication, we strive to get to know our students and their families so that we can supply just the right amount of support.


At EVA, we truly believe that when a school has no walls, learning has no boundaries. Our students thrive using our comprehensive curriculum, user-friendly platforms, and live support from their teachers and other school staff. We consistently monitor student engagement and achievement to ensure that students are on the right track. We have developed supports and programs to address individual needs and remove barriers to academic success. I hope that you browse the different sections of this website to read about all we have to offer. Feedback from our school community is highly valued and we continually look for ways to improve and strengthen our programs.

We know there are many school options in Oregon, thank you for making EVA your school of choice!

With Gratitude,

Jamie Stiles

Jamie Stiles, Eds Executive Director

Latest News & Events

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Early Literacy Program
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School Features


Smart KIDs is certificated according to World School Standards and was awarded by School Associate


Kids study all school subjects according to their interests and talents.


In our lessons we use high-quality equipment for creating a learning environment for our pupils

Prom & Graduation

The outdoors is equipped with a sports ground, a park area, streetlights and security cameras.

early Literacy

Our educational process is based on a game method, we provide our lessons with funny active games.


We are interested in developing the social activity of our students, so we hold many events for our kids.

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Amazing Students
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Caring Staff Members
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Daily Live Learning Oppritunities
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Yearly Social Activites

Frequently Asked Questions

Because EVA is a public charter school program, there is no tuition cost. EVA provides an Oregon-licensed teacher and all instructional materials for the program, including a computer if necessary. However, students and families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials (such as printer ink and paper).

Yes. Students must have an attendance contact each day with their teachers every day. This is captured by attending live instructional sessions.

Depending on a child’s Individualized Education Program, we can tailor our curriculum to meet your needs. To discuss your child’s needs with us, please contact our office and we will put you in touch with our special education team.

Learn about EVA’s Special EducationSection 504, and School Interventions programs.

The beauty of our program is that it is flexible enough to meet children where they are in any given subject and take them where they want to go. Grade placement assessments, completed as part of the enrollment process, allow us to place your student in the appropriate level of curriculum. So, for example, if your fourth grader is doing math on a sixth-grade level and reading on a fourth-grade level, we can tailor your curriculum and lesson plans to meet his or her abilities. Starting in 8th grade, students also have the option of dual enrollment to start earning college credit.

Learn more about our Talented and Gifted Learners program.