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Elementary School at EVA

Letter from the Principal

Welcome to EVA Elementary! My name is Leanne Moll and I am honored to be the principal of our incredible school. With thoughtful and vibrant students and families and a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, there is nothing we cannot accomplish together. As an educator I have had the opportunity to work with brilliant individuals and communities that have helped shape who I am and what I stand for. I believe in school’s being community spaces where we can wrap around students to support them in achieving at high levels and becoming citizens who believe in doing the right thing. I believe in creating inclusive spaces where each and every individual is celebrated, embraced, and cared for. I believe in educational equity and tailoring learning experiences for each and every child.

EVA’s staff is hard working, professional, talented, playful and caring. We ensure students get what they need educationally, socially, and emotionally. We care deeply about each and every child’s success and value your partnership in this goal.

We look forward to collaborating with you and welcoming you and your children to the EVA family!

Warm Regards,

Leanne Moll, Elementary Principal

Although attendance is logged in a traditional Monday–Friday model, we understand learning can happen anywhere, at any time.

In general, K–5 students should expect to spend approximately 4–7 hours on schoolwork per school day, depending on grade level.

  • Grades K–2: Approximately 4–5 hours of productive school work, 5 days per week
  • Grades 3–5: Approximately 5–7 hours of effective school work, 5 days per week

Much like a traditional school, students begin the day in homeroom with group instruction. Individual and small group instruction will be scheduled throughout the week, and lessons typically last 30-45 minutes. These are required classes and attendance is expected.

  • Students are expected to attend all classes offered to them.
  • Whole group instruction occurs Monday through Friday 9:00 – 10:00am. This is your homeroom class.
  • These classes will cover mostly math and language arts.
  • Students may log into class 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for class. Please login before the start of class to ensure your microphone is working and that you are prepared for class.
  • Small groups will be scheduled based on results from NWEA and one-on-one assessments your child does with their homeroom teacher. We will also offer small groups to students who need extra support as well as enrichment. These are required classes. Small groups will be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 10:00am – 12:30pm and will last for 30-45 minutes. More information will be shared from your child’s homeroom teacher.

In grades K–5, a Learning Coach can expect to be very hands-on with their student’s education. Although the level of involvement really depends on your individual child, Learning Coaches for our elementary students typically work the same number of hours as their student do.

We like to prepare our learning coaches by being transparent that the initial 4–8 weeks can be intensive, as families settle into a routine.

  • Grades K–2: Parent/Learning Coach daily involvement is critical as only 10-15 percent of learning is happening online, and parents must help deliver content offline.
  • Grades 3–5: Students begin to have increased independence, but parent/Learning Coach involvement is essential for about 70–80 percent of school time and approximately 15–25 percent of this time is online

As a public school or students are expected to participate in annual state testing beginning in 3rd grade.

In addition, EVA administers in-house NWEA testing online, multiple times throughout the year to all of our students. The results of this testing help us align instruction to your student’s academic needs — for example, offering small groups to students who need extra support or enrichment.

Staff & Faculty

Tyson Baker

2nd Grade Teacher

Email »

(541) 435-4499

Michele Boom

1st Grade Teacher

Email »

(541) 294-9405

Ashley Dhar

3rd Grade Teacher

Email »

(541) 294-5845

Janelle Getz

Elementary Special Education Teacher

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(541) 751-3018

Brenna Gross

Kindergarten Teacher & K-5 Systems Mentor

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(541) 556-5685

Emily Jerome

5th Grade Teacher

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(541) 294-0725

Sarah Lishka

4th Grade Teacher

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(541) 294-9542

Lee Lynch

Elementary Special Education Teacher

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(541) 435-8000

Jesenia Marcellini

K-8 MTSS Specialist

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Medina Moes

Elementary Special Education Teacher

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(541) 213-0013

Leanne Moll

Elementary Principal

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(541) 294-7077

Kathryn Pointer

K-5 Dean of Students & Instruction

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(503) 956-6609

Krystle Rodriguez

2nd Grade Teacher

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(541) 520-4372

Leigh Terhaar

2nd Grade Teacher

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(541) 435-4498