High School - Evergreen Virtual Academy

Letter from the Principal

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!

I am excited to be starting a new school year with EVA. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to lead our committed staff and exceptional students.

I have been in education for over 20 years as a science teacher, mentor, and administrator.  I have worked and lived in both urban and rural areas in Oregon, and I love it all!  I have a passion for working in a virtual environment and the opportunity to work with students and communities across the State. I appreciate that students bring their unique experiences and differences and create a greater diversity of ideas and conversations in the classroom. This makes our shared community larger and brings us closer together.

I became an educator because I wanted to make connections with students to help guide them into developing their love of learning. I believe in giving students opportunities best suited for their educational needs and providing experiences in which they can take ownership of their future path.

I am looking forward to a great school year.


Rebecca Chitkowski, High School Principal

While desiring to offer flexibility in our High School, we must also have accountability in order to make sure our students are prepared to graduate. We also believe our High School model better prepares our students for life after school. With this in mind, students need to recognize the importance of classroom pacing and published due dates and will need to complete their work based on those dates.

High School is a semester-based approach where students are required to earn a passing grade of 60 percent or above on their assignments and online lessons. During the High School years, our students are expected to follow their class schedule pacing, which is designed to help them succeed.

In general, our High School students are expected to spend approximately 4–7 hours on schoolwork per school day with increasing independence.

During the High School years, a learning coach can expect to progress monitor their mostly independent student. Although the level of involvement really depends on your individual child, a learning coach for a high school student at EVA is working alongside them to hold them accountable and stick to the progress outlines in their courses.

We like to prepare our learning coaches by being transparent that the initial 4–8 weeks can be intensive, as families settle into a routine. In high school students begin to have increased independence, but parent/Learning Coach involvement is essential for about 20–30 percent of school time. Approximately 70–80 percent of this time is online.

As a public school or students are expected to participate in annual state testing beginning in 3rd grade.

In addition, EVA administers in-house NWEA testing online multiple times throughout the year to all of our students. These results help to ensure instruction is aligned to student academic needs.

Staff & Faculty

Emily Alexander

High School English / Language Arts/Credit Recovery Specialist

Email »

(541) 294-1198

Michele Anderson

School Counselor (Students M-Z)

Email »

(541) 294-5931

Stephanie Berry

High School English / Language Arts

Email »

(503) 505-0774

Emily Borrego

Dean of Students & Programs

Email »

(541) 751-5021

Michelle Dabbs

High School Counselor (Students A-L)

Email »

(541) 294-0236

Marissa Dey

High School CTE FNR/Science

Email »

(541) 751-5976

Bonnie Evenson

HS Special Education Teacher/Case Manager

Email »

(541) 294-3787

Corrie Gustafson

High School Math & Health

Email »

(541) 751-5029

Joyce Harrer

High School Special Education Teacher/Case Manager

Email »

(541) 294-0815

Stephen Heibel

High School Student Success Mentor/Science Credit Recovery

Email »

(541) 294-0802

Karen Huhn

High School Math

Email »

(541) 751-5267

Jae Isbell

High School Social Studies

Email »

(541) 294-1101

Wanda Jackson

High School Electives

Email »

(541) 294-5860

Michael Jaycox

High School English / Language Arts/Electives

Email »

(458) 710-0400

Natalie Lintner

High School Electives

Email »

(541) 294-0021

Paul Mannon

High School CTE Business/PE

Email »

(541) 751-5230

Steven Marek

High School Special Education Teacher/Case Manager

Email »

(458) 710-0326

Kelli Moffett

Transition Specialist/Case Manager

Email »

(541) 294-0372

Krista Neal

High School Science

Email »

(541) 294-0918

Daniel Rainey

High School Math/Science

Email »

(458) 710-0829

Laura Riessen

Secondary LifeSkills Teacher/Case Manager

Email »

(541) 294-9265

Brandon Sundeen

High School Spanish/Social Studies

Email »

(541) 554-1864

Nichoel Tatarek

High School Social Studies

Email »

(541) 852-5653

Tauna Tattam

High School Science / Electives

Email »

(541) 751-5474

Marcella Tell

High School Science & Math

Email »

(541) 294-5712

Brad Thompson

High School English / Language Arts & CTE Marketing

Email »

(541) 751-5491

Margie Welty

High School Student Success Specialist

Email »

(541) 294-2647