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9th–12th Clubs

Clubs are also a great opportunity for additional social engagement, and help students feel more connected to their classmates, teachers, and the greater school community.

Middle + High School Combined Clubs

Are you interested in learning more about reptiles?  Join us as we explore the world of reptiles.

Come join us in competing in chess matches with your peers, learn new techniques from your teachers, and improve your skills.

Explore new gaming adventures with an educational focus! Students engage and explore this unique world of creation in game-based learning.

9th–12th Clubs

D&D has been a popular tabletop role playing game for nearly 50 years. Join your friends in epic fantasy adventures.

A safe space to be yourself and be around others who are committed to stand against all bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Come learn about artists and art techniques you have never heard of or have always wanted to learn about! Share your art with others, see what your peers have created, and discover how creative you can really be!

Students are driving the direction of this club and at this point, it is still evolving. For the first few meetings the students decide what we are going to read and discuss it. Later, students are going share favorite authors and book recommendations. Come explore all of the exciting books to read with us!

Have a love of pets?  Come share with us!  Students collaborate on the topics of discussion and share their favorite pet stories.

Club Participation Agreement

Below you find a link to the Club Participation Agreement that will need to be completed by the participating student prior to being added to the club. You will not have access to the club meetings or activities until this is returned.

Complete Participation Agreement

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