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9th–12th Clubs

Clubs are also a great opportunity for additional social engagement, and help students feel more connected to their classmates, teachers, and the greater school community. Our 2021-2022 club offerings are listed below.

Middle + High School Combined Clubs

9th–12th Clubs

CW Club is open to EVA students interested in writing poetry, prose, plays, song lyrics, raps, graphic novels/comics, & other genres. The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to provide a positive & productive atmosphere for developing student writers to integrate, learn, & grow. In addition, the organization will teach students to harness creativity effectively with a variety of different contests or workshops & exercises so as to benefit an individual’s skill & competence as a writer. If you want to share your writing, get inspired and support fellow writers—this is the club for you!

Come explore museums all around the world from the comfort of your own home! Join us as we learn about history, art, other cultures, and science as we travel world-famous places!

D&D has been a popular tabletop role playing game for nearly 50 years. Join your friends in epic fantasy adventures.

A safe space to be yourself and be around others who are committed to stand against all bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

Come learn about artists and art techniques you have never heard of or have always wanted to learn about! Share your art with others, see what your peers have created, and discover how creative you can really be!

Come join us in competing in chess matches with your peers, learn new techniques from your teachers, and improve your skills.

Are you interested in exploring all the Disney resorts around the World? Join us as we take virtual rides through the parks, discuss our favorite items, foods, characters, and adventures… and maybe even have some fun.

Ever felt excluded? Ever wondered if you are the only one who feels that all stories and individuals have value? Cultural Diversity Club promotes the teaching of acceptance of others, no matter their beliefs, religion, or ethnicity. We will study various cultures, ethnicities, & religions of the world in a fun, stress-free environment. We will vote on which cultures the club would study for each meeting. We will study different cultures/diverse groups by coming up with activities like watching movies, reading books, listening to music, & inviting outside speakers. Students are allowed to present & incorporate their own unique perspectives of the world. The more members, the better!

Students are driving the direction of this club and at this point, it is still evolving. For the first few meetings the students decided we are going to read “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe and discuss it. Later, students are going share favorite authors and book recommendations at the next meeting. Come explore all things literature!

Every wonder about the Memory Palaces of Sherlock Holmes? Want to learn to build your own and memorize crazy amounts of information in a short time? Want to dazzle your friends by memorizing a deck of cards in 5 minutes?

Spend time with others who are committed to protecting our planet, learning new ways to recycle, and find ways to upcycle things around the house! Collaborate with your peers on how to learn about our world and taking care of the environment!

Club Participation Agreement

Below you find a link to the Club Participation Agreement that will need to be completed by the participating student prior to being added to the club. You will not have access to the club meetings or activities until this is returned.

Complete Participation Agreement

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