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School Counseling

EVA’s counseling team is committed to helping students find their “best fit” schools where they will thrive academically and socially. Whether our students already know their future career path or are still exploring, we here to help them find their way. Counselors are available will meet with students and families individually and learn about their academic backgrounds, strengths, talents, and passions.

Areas of Guidance

The Expanded Options program offers an opportunity to high school students who are eligible to earn college credit while in high school.

To find out more about the eligibility requirements please contact Michele Anderson, School Counselor.

EVA also offers an alternative way to earn college credit through select EVA direct classes taught by EVA teachers. Dual Credit courses are college-level courses that allow students to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. These classes are always taught by an EVA teacher.

The Dual Credit program currently offers opportunities in Math, English, Business, Science, and Early Childhood Education. To find out more about this program, please contact one of our school counselors listed below.

Contact Michelle Dabbs

Contact Michele Anderson

Be informed and involved in planning your educational path. High school students have 4 year graduation plans that are reviewed regularly by your school counselors. It is extremely important that you access, understand and are involved in following and working with your counselor to make changes to your plans.

Accessing your graduation plan

It’s easy to access your graduation plan anytime by logging in to your online portal.

NOTE: If you are a new EVA student please contact your counselor.

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet all credit requirements in addition to:

  1. Senior Project / Service Learning – Counts towards Elective or App/Fine Arts credit)
  2. Oregon State Essential Skills Graduation Requirement – Passing scores in Reading, Writing, Math *Requirement waived for 2022 graduates

See current Graduation Requirements »

EVA’s primary goal is to set our students up for success beyond High School. During your student’s senior year, counselors are available to guide parents and students through many of the difficult aspects of the college planning process.

We believe that building strong financial habits and making use of available resources enhances our student’s success in their years beyond EVA. The counseling team is committed to helping parents and students make sense of the financial aid process and scholarship application process.

Here are some handy resources for college planning:

EVA is proud to offer an extensive CTE pathway for our students looking to explore career and technical opportunities straight after graduation. Our counselors are here to help the student identify their strengths and skills to determine the best fit for success.

Learn more about our current CTE Pathways »

Need Immediate Help?

Suicide & Crisis Helplines

Free 24/7 support is available. Call the suicide lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 74174.1

YouthLine Teen Peer Support

YouthLine is a free teen-to-teen crisis support and help line. daily from 4-10pm PST, or an adult 24/7.

LGBTQIA+ Peer Support

Trans Lifeline provides trans peer support, by and for trans people. They have been divested from police since day one.

LGBTQIA+ Teen Support

Trevor Project has trained counselors available 24/7, plus a social network and online resources related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Native Youth Peer Support

Support for native youth, by native youth. Ask questions online or text LGBTQ2S to 97779.

Native Youth Crisis Hotline

If you are hurting, depressed, or thinking about harming yourself, call 'You Are Not Alone'.

Need to report a safety issue?