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6th–8th Clubs

Clubs are also a great opportunity for additional social engagement, and help students feel more connected to their classmates, teachers, and the greater school community.

6th–8th Clubs

Join Mrs. Lowen, middle school language arts teacher, for lunch each Wednesday. I’ll read aloud from a popular book while you eat and chat about the book. The first book will be Chomp by Carl Hiassen.

Learn how to explore your creativity with new writing styles and unlock your inner author! Come discover how to better use colorful dialogue, character development, alliterations, and metaphors to take your writing to new heights!

Are you interested in exploring all the Disney resorts around the World? Join us as we take virtual rides through the parks, discuss our favorite items, foods, characters, and adventures… and maybe even have some fun.

Come join us in competing in chess matches with your peers, learn new techniques from your teachers, and improve your skills.

Every other week come meet with us to talk about the Fablehaven Book series! We will talk about the character development, how the story progresses, and make predictions as the series continues.

Do you love to create and gain inspiration from unique places? Do you have an artistic skill you’d like to show others? Come learn new art skills, share your artwork, and collaborate with others who enjoy art in the Middle School Art Club!

Come find a place to make friends, learn coping skills for your emotions, and discover ways to control your stress-levels in healthy ways! Share your favorite way to relax, decompress, and learn build on your emotional intelligence!

Spend time with others who are committed to protecting our planet, learning new ways to recycle, and find ways to upcycle things around the house! Collaborate with your peers on how to learn about our world and taking care of the environment!

7th–8th Clubs

If you are intrigued by all things AI, technological gains, and scientific reaches then you have come to the right place!Learn about the newest in robotics technology, how robotics is being used in everyday life, and the science behind how you, too, can learn to build a robot!

Welcome to Horsemanship Club! We will learn everything about horses, breeds, conformation, colors, biological systems(skeletal, nervous, digestive), history of the horse and our connection with horses. You don’t need to have a horse, just a love of them and a zest to learn about them.

Club Participation Agreement

Below you find a link to the Club Participation Agreement that will need to be completed by the participating student prior to being added to the club. You will not have access to the club meetings or activities until this is returned.

Complete Participation Agreement

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