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Expectations of Online School

If you’re considering enrolling at EVA you’re probably wondering if online school is a good fit. Many families are surprised to find EVA provides everything your neighborhood school offers, but in a personalized, flexible online model. Whether your student is making the switch from in person schooling to online school or just entering kindergarten, we’re here to make it a smooth transition.

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Time Commitment

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is the freedom to structure your day in a way that meets the needs of your student. Need a movement break? No problem. A snack? Go for it! This flexibility encourages students to pursue their dreams outside of the classroom.

With a reliable Internet connection, learning can occur anywhere. We have students exploring the world through travel and pursuing competitive sports. We are also a safe haven for students who tend to miss school for medical or social reasons. We cut through the noise of traditional schools; giving students the flexibility they deserve to learn.


A common reason parents remove their children from traditional schooling is to detach them from unhealthy or negative social environments. We work hard to ensure our students feel part of a healthy, supportive community, and have opportunities to engage socially with other students.

EVA students, families, and staff enjoy connecting through both in-person and virtual activities, including school clubs, lunch bunch, field trips, EVentures, and much more. The flexible schedule and absence of travel time also allow more students time to involve themselves in extracurricular activities, which we always encourage!

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Myths About Online Schools

FACT: Students at the Evergreen Virtual Academy will have the opportunity to participate in academic and social outings. These outings and activities may include trips to museums, skate parks, zoos, and much more.

FACT: While attendance, planning, and assessment are all recorded online, only about 30 percent of the K-8 lessons are taught online, with the percentage higher for high school as students work at more of a collective pace online in conjunction with the teacher. The rest of our curriculum relies on printed and/or hands-on materials, including beautifully crafted textbooks, paint, rocks, and telescopes.

FACT: Students will need to spend about five to six hours on schoolwork each day, depending on grade level.

FACT: The Evergreen Virtual Academy is a public school that happens to operate outside a traditional classroom. As public school students, your children will be expected to spend a certain amount of time each day engaged in schoolwork. They will be required to take district and statewide assessments throughout the school year. The StrongMind curriculum was developed by experts to meet or exceed Oregon Content Standards and has proved to be one of the top-scoring online school curriculum programs in the nation.