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Which EVA Club Do You Want to Join?


Social interaction is an important skill for students of all ages. At Evergreen Virtual Academy, we make it a priority. Our official clubs and organizations are the perfect platform for bringing like-minded students together to practice cooperation, teamwork, and communication.  

Already a student? Explore the wide range of fun-filled clubs for learners of all grade levels.  

Thinking about joining EVA? Check out how your online student can make friends while learning something cool. 

Club NameWho Can Join Description
Story Time Club Pre-K & K-1 Enjoy your favorite books and discover new ones—read aloud with Mrs. Boom or Ms. Manley
Book Club 2-5 Foster your love of reading as we read selected books and discuss characters and themes. 
Science Fun Club K-5 Every other Friday we complete science experiments and games from home. 
Lego Club K-5 Share your Lego creations with us! And see the amazing things everyone else is building. 
Arts and Crafts Club 2-5 Enjoy new arts and crafts activities hosted by our high school National Honor Society students. 
Books and Bites Club 6-8Join Mrs. Baker as she reads aloud from popular books. 
Creative Writing Club6-8Explore your creativity, new writing styles, and unlock your inner author! 
Chess Club 6-12Compete in chess matches with your peers, learn new techniques, and improve your skills. 
Pet Club9-12Come learn share your love of pets.
Art Club 6-8 Come learn new art skills, share your work, and collaborate with others. 
DECA Club 9-12 Learn about business, entrepreneurship and leadership with like-minded students. 
Minecraft 6-8, 9-12Build, edit, and explore a full course of fun and educational projects in Minecraft.  
Dungeons and Dragons Club 9-12 Join your friends in an epic fantasy adventure with this popular tabletop role playing game. 
GSA – Alliance Club 6-8, 9-12Be yourself and learn how to stand up against bullying, harassment, and discrimination. 
Art Club 9-12 Study artists and art techniques, then share your creations with your peers and instructors. 
Books and Bites Club 9-12 Share favorite authors and books, then vote on what the group reads next. 

Ready to join?

Students can participate in up to three clubs at a time. Reach out to our EVA Student Activities Coordinator to get started—or start the enrollment process to join other online students at Evergreen Virtual Academy. 

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