How Online School Works

Is the EVA program flexible?

Learning can happen at home, on the road, or wherever an internet connection can be found. While attendance is required for dedicated daily lessons, our program is designed for students to utilize offline material to create a balanced education.

Whether your student needs a slower pace, more challenging content, or a different teaching style, we have you covered. With core subjects, electives, opportunities for advanced learners, and multi-tiered systems of support, we address the needs of all types of learners.

Our willingness to understand the needs of families can make all the difference for students with unique scheduling demands — like medical treatment, competitive events, or pursuing a passion.


Learning Coaches provide support at home

Support at home is vital to the success of a virtual learning student. That’s why every EVA student has a dedicated Learning Coach inside the home — typically a parent or guardian.

We expect our Learning Coaches to monitor student progress, assist student with their class schedule, and hold students accountable for completing and turning in school work on time. Of course, teachers are always in communication to answer any questions or give guidance where needed.

EVA is a high-quality, public school option for any student residing in Oregon. Because EVA is a public charter school program, there is no tuition. EVA provides all the necessary technology, textbooks, and instruction materials needed for students to complete coursework. These materials complement the interactive, online elements of our program ensuring that students receive instruction using the best method for each subject matter. Students and families are responsible for providing common household items and school supplies like printer ink and paper.
EVA staff understands that students may have unique needs, and it’s our job to create a personalized and holistic learning experience. We empower students to overcome challenges—be they academic, social, emotional, medical, or otherwise—to succeed in school and beyond. Our inclusive approach provides families with school support services, interventions, and links families with community-based resources.

Students have a variety of opportunities to connect with their peers. Whether working on a collaborative class project, joining a club, attending an in-person field trip, or our popular ORventures outings, students can choose to participate in the school community at their own comfort level.

EVA is a 100% fully-accredited Oregon online public school. We are fully accredited through AdvanceED and authorized by the North Bend School District. All of our teachers and administrators are required to maintain professional licensure in the state of Oregon.